Portfolio Valuation

Pathway Appraisals provides independent, third-party valuation advisory services to the alternative investments industry including private equity firms, hedge funds, fund of funds, other investment managers and financial institutions for single family and 2-4 unit residential income properties.

Investments are increasingly complicated and concerns are rising over potential conflicts of interest in marking positions to their fair value.  Funds and investment managers are receiving increased scrutiny and attention from all stakeholders. In response, funds and investment managers are adopting well-defined, consistently applied valuation policies and procedures that comply with relevant reporting standards and result in more frequent investor reporting. Pathway Appraisals strengthens the credibility and transparency of investor reporting with independent benchmarks; our credible, third-party benchmarks also provide support for additional fundraising activity and ongoing management fees. Pathway Appraisals provides clients with independent valuations of assets ranging from single investments to entire portfolios. Our consultants have a long history of working closely with regulators, auditors, third-party administrators, investors and large private investment funds, and have extensive, unparalleled industry-specific experience. The current confluence of new private equity industry guidelines, changing US and international financial reporting standards and increasing investor interest in independent opinions of value has caused fund managers to seek external support to prepare and review their funds’ valuation policies, procedures and valuations.
When it comes to greater transparency and independent opinions of fair value, the needs of stakeholders vary.  Pathway Appraisals is able to provide different levels of valuation advisory service based on the specific needs of:

  • Portfolio fund managers
  • General partners
  • Limited partners
  • Prospective investors
  • Others (auditors, reporting teams, deal teams, etc.)

Increasingly, investors expect:

  • Timely reporting of valuations
  • Transparency as to how the valuations were performed
  • Independent third-party involvement or concurrence
We at Pathway Appraisals offer these services for a variety of clients. Please feel free to contact us for quotes on all your portfolio valuation needs.